I can’t do programming, but I went to Vietnam from Tokyo and developed “SPOT”, an iPhone app.

SPOT アプリ サービス スタートアップ ベトナム 運営日誌

I can’t do programming, but I went to Vietnam from Tokyo and developed “SPOT”, an iPhone app.

I came to Vietnam from Tokyo, achieved my dream of developing a service, and released an iPhone app. So, I have sent you this e-mail message because I would like to share the story with you.

SPOT – Create a Guidebook Easily

You can save offline your favorite shops, tourist spots where you were glad you visited or want to visit, and the like, together with photographs, memos, voice memos, and the like.

Why in Vietnam?

Originally, I became a freelancer in July of 2013. However, I had a dream of no matter what making a service as I imagined in my unique way.
However, I can’t program or design. So, when I was thinking about how I could realize my dream, I heard about Vietnam from some senior managers. As I listened to the stories of my seniors who have already found their way to Vietnam, I thought that moving there would be good in terms of cost as well as technology.

My dream may come true in Vietnam. Since then, in any event, I went to meet and drink with various people. I asked them, “Please take me to Vietnam because I want to make my own service.” A company picked me. That’s my current company. Although I have returned to Japan at present, I am very thankful.

In Vietnam, I met more than 100 executives of development companies. However, among them, I was particularly attracted to Framgia VietNam’s “spirits”. Also, I got on well with Taihei Kobayashi-san of COO.

Framgia VietNam

While working together, we went out for a drink. Although he is the same age as I am, I found Taihei-san to be a very respectable person as a human being.

Also, Framgia VietNam members were well trained with Japanese-style spirits. I was able to trust them regarding various perspectives, including sticking to their own output, adding their own ideas, and their sense of responsibility that includes not complaining while working overnight in order to complete a project, regardless of whether it’s good or bad.

With that background, I talked to Taihei-san about my SPOT plan during a tea break around May of 2014. When I received a response of, “I think it’s relatively easy to make,” I was very glad that the my plan had finally become more of a possibility.

Then, while utilizing the offshore development skills that I have learned in Vietnam, I began laying out a detailed specification as well as an UI/UX design night after night. Around July of 2014, I was able to start its development.

The specifications I created are here:

The reason behind the development of SPOT?

After a while, since I was transferred to Hanoi in Vietnam, I was increasingly asked by my seniors and acquaintances things like, “Recommend me some shops, tourist spots, and the like because I’m coming for an inspection or trip.” Then, I thought that I would like to put together delicious Vietnamese restaurants, interesting tourist spots, and the like to utilize quickly when entertaining guests.

Also, when I went to Thailand, Malaysia, and the like, I had trouble not being able to locate places I wanted because I couldn’t use the Internet with my iPhone in the beginning. So, in order to be able to prepare in advance, I had to incorporate saving my places offline.

Especially, in Vietnam, by only showing the address of the place I wanted to visit, the taxi driver would take me there. So, when we don’t understand the spoken language, we would be able to reach the destination by simply showing a screen. I wanted to make it that way. Some Vietnamese people can’t read a map. However, they are very familiar with street names. So, by showing an address, I was able to reach my destination. It’s a national character.

SPOT uses?

Since I like traveling, I visit various places. After each time I visit and return, I enjoy reflecting by putting together photographs and the like of the places I visit. It’s like enjoying one trip twice.

Also, you can share them between apps via AirDrop and prepare them as output as a PDF, so that you can pass them along when your friends ask where you enjoyed visiting and the like. I hope that people use it while taking a tea break and chatting at a cafe and the like, not sharing places you have visited or places you want to go with your friends via the Internet.

Having a dream, if you continue to struggle toward it, you can achieve more things. I truly think so. If you are interested, Vietnam is a very good place, so I recommend it by all means. I think, considering the next step, I would like to work hard from now on, like before.

Lastly, I would appreciate it if you could download and use the app.

SPOT – Create a Guidebook Easily

SPOT – Create a Guidebook Easily

Well, thank you very much for reading to the end.

いいね ! しよう

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